Cloud is a free and all set cloud service: It doesn't required to install any software. This single place offers a high visibility for your Events or Talks over the internet.
It is possible to see pages without being registered, but when creating an account Users can fully use with different roles: Organizer (of Conference), Speaker (of Session), Player (of Perfection Game), Follower (of Conference or other User), Attendee (of a Conference or workshop)... allows communication between all of these roles.
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As an Organizer, you can create your own Conference and its Editions (for example per year), publish the Call For Paper, use Perfection Game to increase value and select Session, to finally build the Program. All of them are available from the public page of the Conference and ready to be shared on social media.
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As a Speaker, add the talks you played in Conferences: create a Session for each topic, and create a new Performance each time you play a same topic on a different Conference. A same Session can be played in several Edition like so many Performance.
Performances become the history of your Sessions: is the of the Sessions. allows you to improve them thanks to the Perfection Game Core Protocol.
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Rest API's services are accessible by a REST API. All information displayed on the website are available through the API. That allows you to connect your system to import or export data into or from your own application or website.
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the key concepts handle several ideas to offer the service


Registered Users, also named, can play one or several of the following roles: Organiser (to create Conference & Editions) Speaker (to create Session & Performances) Player (to participate to the Perfection Game) Follower (to be notified of any news about other Users or Conferences) Participant (to any Edition, as Sponsor, Attendee or Volunteer).

Session & Performances

A Session is created by a User, the speaker, and contains information about one of his talks. While a Session is the root concept, you can play it several times in different events: those are Performances (in several Conferences Editions). You can create a Performance either by submitted it on an existing Conference and Edition, or from scratch (for example to deal with a talk in a Conference not yet in


Conference & Editions

A Conference is the root concept for an Event, and can has several Editions, for example one per year, with specific place, date, Program, etc.

User Profile, Session and Conference have a dedicated URL that can be consulted by anyone without being connected: so you can share this URL to anyone.

Call For Paper

A Call For Paper is a form to grab the Speakers of an Edition via their Performances. A Call For Paper has several Fields, automatically filled if they are already set in the User Profile or the Session. The Call for Paper is the entry point to build the Program of the Edition...

Discover great features

Perfect Performances.

Once the Conference is created in, Users can submit their talks as a Performance.

Performances can be challenged by other Users according to a structured feedback activity, the Perfection Game Core Protocols: 1) Rate the product (the Performance) on a scale from 1-5 2) Explain what you liked... 3) Tell what is missing for you to make it perfect...

Perfection Game feature is the initial reason why we created

This precious feedback avoid the Speaker to improve the Session, and then the Conference. It can be done before the Conference (during the Call For Paper) or after (by Attendees as a Satisfaction form).

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Program Performances.

Once Performances submitted, Organisers can select them.

Once Performances selected, Organisers give times frames and their durations: compute begin and end time in real time. Organisers also enter Rooms to finally map each selected Performance to a time frame and a room to build the Program of the Conference.
He can also only click on th "Random" button to randomly map Performances.

Accepted Speakers can be notified ; same thing for rejected Submitters. As an Organiser you can decide when the Program will be published and available.

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The workflow

This the sequence to create your own conference in in a few clics.


First, create your own Account for free: set a few details about you before to continue and become a Koralien!

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Create the Conference and the current Edition (year) by settings main informations as topics, date and place.

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Call For Paper

Create the form to allow future speakers to submit their talks: add wanted fields to record important information. Speakers can upload slides and edit their submission.

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Perfection Game

Once submitted the speaker can get feedback from Koraliens: 1) Give a marl /5. 2) Give Cons. 3) Give Pros.

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Pricing & Registration

For the first year of 2016, only one plan is available for free and ull features.

  • Freemium
  • Free
  • Dashboard
  • Unlimited Conferences
  • Unlimited Editions
  • News on Editions
  • Call For Paper
  • Unlimited Speakers
  • Perfection Game
  • Schedule Creation
  • Register
  • Premium
  • $ / month
    Free for 2016! (*)
    (*) Included in Freemium. Try it!
  • Notifications
  • Trello integration
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Our Team

We are Organisers of several Conferences and Unconferences since years, with a need to manage the organisation of those events.

We are Speakers: we'd like a service to easily centralize and share our Sessions overs conferences and years.

We are Developers, with the pleasure of develop cool and useful web services.

We are founder of company and products.

So we decided to bring a Solution to those Needs: is the result.

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